I’m a cuddler

I’m a cuddler
That means I like to cuddle!

I like to hold my woman tight
Pressed up against me like a straightjacket in a mental ward

as I scream your name out loud in my padded room cause I can’t get you out my head.

Others will call me crazy but I know it’s just the feeling of not having you that causes me to disrupt society as I yearn for your touch again

I want you that close to me…

Closer than the shackles that were around our ancestors limbs
Keeping them united as they sat on the slave ships awaiting their new world.

Doing all I can to escape the grip of those foreign hands because the only touch that feels right to me is the warmth of your body on mine…

I want to hold her throughout the night and let the heat of our bodies under the sheets turn into a warm bath


A bath that she can step into after a long day of work, that will soothe her from the inside out

Erasing all her mental pains, physical hurts, and relax her softly in my embrace as my arms flow and cover her entire body with love.

I want to be her serotonin and dopamine

I want to be her reason for a smile before bed

For her to see me come out the shower and race me to the bedroom

To jump on the bed and quickly get under the sheets to wait for me to enter our comforter fort of hugs and kisses

And the cause of her not wanting to depart my side in the morning without a kiss and a smile

I am a cuddler and I want to be the DAMN best and the only one for her!

Published by Divine Time Podcast/ Blog

Sharing my mind and knowledge with the world via podcast, and written knowledge. I will have poems, short stories and of course my podcast episodes uploaded weekly. Stay tuned and enjoy the Divine Time.

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