Letter to the unknown

A love note to the unknown
For your beauty stuns me

Weakens me

I can foresee one day possibly bringing a man to a knee

Brown eyes that slow one’s actions
Devoted in your harmonic voice like a frequency that was made to resignate with me alone.

That pitch, perfect for the temple I body currently

Until our bodies collide in unison

To reach a level highly multiplied past the current floor we occupy in our lives

A voice that can carry me to an illusion of happiness and glee

Never foreseen

but will be written in my personal text

Her eyes arise from a place known for murder and discrimination

Yet her essence shines of a place of love and compassion

A slight glimpse of you, opened my eyes

To a world that is not fully evil and is capable of being full of beauty and surprise

All of this in a slight action just to help me realize
That the love we seek passes us daily
by and by


That love can be many things and beauty is deeper than the skin we’re in

But your beauty is beyond what one sees with their eyes

For your essence touches the soul and grabs me back…

Pulling me deeper to a realm of satisfaction of thoughts that lead me not

Into temptation, but wondering if you are thinking of me too

My light in the tunnel, the way to my destiny

that keeps a man occupied but wondering what your smooth skin feels like upclose

That core value they push in all the branches we served

The first word that crossed my mind when I saw you

Is an understatement of the beauty that you radiate everytime you wake up to bless this world with your essence

Is the love that your eyes show, love that touches the soul of others and leaves imprints of you in their being

For you are stronger than the ones who try to look down on you.
Who try to melt you down and mold you to their pleasure

For in a short time you will reach those goals and be in the pharmacy as you spoke it Into existence

For one can feel balanced and at peace around you…

That you can be an addition to the peace and joy one feels when surrounded by your beauty

Thank you for blessing me with your beauty

Published by Divine Time Podcast/ Blog

Sharing my mind and knowledge with the world via podcast, and written knowledge. I will have poems, short stories and of course my podcast episodes uploaded weekly. Stay tuned and enjoy the Divine Time.

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