Don’t ever dim your light

People will lie and come together with their energy sources (who are not aware that they’re just being used) to formulate lies to try and make you look bad. These people can’t find something wrong with you, so they will project all that they have done to you or others and say/ act like you did it to them. Once they realize that their secrets have been found out, they feel threatened because their world is at risk of taking a huge blow and their whole life as they know it is about to crumble. These types of evil people, energy Vampires, narcissist, whatever you may call them (I call them low vibrational creatures) are reluctant to seek help, have no accountability, and play victim to all the consequences that become of them due to the troubles they cause upon others. They have no fear lying on others to try and create an emotional response that will play into their evil intentions.

They have no remorse for the stress, drama, and pain that they may bring you. However, no matter how evil this world is becoming and how much you are getting attacked by these CREATURES of the low vibrational family. DO NOT DIM YOUR LIGHT! The only way that they can win is if you succumb to their demands and wishes of trying to make you seem like a bad person when all you did was speak your truth, inform them of what they were doing, and tried to get them to be accountable for their actions. Give up on that. They never will be, for they do not think they are ever wrong. When things do not go according to what they want, someone else will always be to blame. And if you know the others that they have wronged they will only have ill things to say about those people just to try and keep you thinking that they are the righteous saints that they are portraying to you.

Watch their eyes, observe their actions, listen to their words…for the more lies they spill, they can not memorize them all, and their rot filled kingdom will decay over their head with them inside. But you, yes YOU. Keep your head up, for you are doing what your heart and spirit guides you to do. Continue to shine bright and keep yourself grounded and protected! Do not ever dim your light nor give up on the world being a better place. Asé 🙏🏾


The narcissist I once dated pt. 1

I have been portrayed as a narcissist and mentally ill by a narcissistic couple whose wife allows her husband to sexually molest women and their mother. Then tries to say it never happened when the ladies have brought it to her attention. Then she tries to silence me by talking about me in a way to defame my character and make me seem insane. I have been talking about this one incident of what her husband has done. But I can easily talk about and provide proof of the manipulation, jealousy, her raping me while she was on her period, and their narcissistic behaviors they have shown while claiming they are poly and trying to put monogamous rules on me. All while she lets her husband do whatever he wants to do. How she tried to make me take down a podcast episode because she “didn’t like the way it made her look” when she put a rule on me and my wife, told me and my wife we needed to move at their speed if this were to work, talked down to us like we were kids, and much more. Every thing with them was power moves and they just want to always be in control. From them refusing to let us take them their stuff or them coming to grab it from the house just to try and get my partners mother involved. Then to lie and say you had no idea or knew about the plans when she was the one who contacted my partners mom trying to coordinate the delivery of their items. I had completely lost who i was and my reality from being lied to so often and made to think that everything i was doing was wrong or not good enough. I was sexually violated, so was my partner and her mother. Can you imagine the emotions that flowed through me being the man of the house and feeling like you can’t protect your own family from predators like them? Then to not be able to get justice for them because they don’t want to be a victim of anyone’s. Everything in me was enraged and I felt like nothing could be done and that they won. I refused to accept that outcome, so the least I can do is tell my story. I just need to get this off my chest so I can finally let it go and move on.


Here Lies

Here lies a man of Anger
Hatred towards many for things that didn’t concern him

Consumed by rage from fights that lead him to a state of paranoia

To where he watched his back constantly and jumped at the sound of foot steps that rapidly approached

Here lies a man of Sorrow
With tears in his eyes from regretting the death of his stepsister

Having the last words he told her be out of rage and hate…

Not knowing that would be the last words she would hear from his mouth
Never to be able to see her again even at her funeral to apologize

Here lies a man of Depression consumed by a past of regrets of things he did not do, say, or failed to accomplish

So worried of what others would think of him if he did not perform to their standards

Here lies a man so full of emotions that it caused Physical altercations

Scars that have hit him so deep that the wounds are seen on his back and chest

A heart worn on his sleeve so often that it has been dehydrated and run through a grinder leaving it finer than a grain of kasava powder

Low self esteem that can date back to the Jurassic era and torn apart by velociraptors

A hearty meal to the predators of the land called humans

Where names he was called out of his name liquified him to a soggy melted mush of flan

Here lies a man with so many Childhood heartbreaks that even when a woman says they love him or adore him he can not find what it is they see in him.

A body so full of Lies that his first response was calculated to a tea to mislead you and send the bloodhounds off the scent of his nonexistent pride

Which lead him to becoming a cheater in life, relationships, and every aspect of his life

A man who would steal so often that his hands would often grab things on their own leaving him confused to how he often gained possession of them.

Hearts torn from the chest cavity of hopeless women who did not know how something so soft looking could be harder than a diamond to crack

Here lies a gangster, a gentleman, a G

A man who is so confused mentally, and struggling through so much pain physically and mentally that a rainbow can be seen as a catastrophic typhoon

Years of trauma firing constant memories from the amygdala causing the 4th of july and new years to feel like another warzone

Sorrow to wet the eyes in random times from having to withhold emotions for years just to keep an image up for others around me

When you are expected to be “Tough” for those around you because caring is seen as a weakness.

The stress of being melanated in America, being expected to be hood, fit into a stereotype, or be another statistic

They say that pain is weakness leaving the body

I must have so much weakness because I feel like I am forever in pain and my body is always screaming at me

screaming at me while I hide my pain behind a smile and servitude for the person I love

For them to put everyone else in their life before me as i slave to do everything they ask of me

No longer will I be a Seeker of approval from anyone but myself! I can not afford to be unhappy due to others wanting to keep me in their life for what and when they need something

I will forever fight this, I will forever be a victor to the thoughts of my mind and the way I love others

I am in full control of the codependency I once had

my life is mine and my happiness is mine to provide



I want to ravage you quickly as soon as we walk in the door
make you feel all of me before our clothes come off
Whisper in your ear softly how much I have been desiring you all day

Waiting for you to come home so that our bodies can play
Intertwine them in a spiritual dance showing our love
Grip the side of your head and tilt it away

Rolling my tongue along the exterior of your ear so my breath stimulates your nerves
Then pull your head back by your hair as i bite your earlobe softly
Continue to venture your body as I kiss your neck down to your collarbone

smack your ass and leave my hand print bruised onto your thigh

Till you beg me to stop

I will lick your clit up/ down/ left/ and right like it unlocks a super move

make your toes curl under the extreme pleasure you’re receiving
place your hands upon my head and grab hold for it will be a rough take off

let your legs shake and tremble as you soar higher
try to push me away while your legs lock my head in
your body knows what it wants
and I came to give it to it

Till you beg me to stop

Let your moans get louder

breathes get deeper

heart race faster

eyes roll back

pussy swell up

Till you beg me to stop

Now as I lick slower and softer to not relinquish the power hold I have on you
prying your legs open to see your face
now lapping the mess you made

I clean up nice did i not say before

licking the outside of those plump lips

tracing all the way down the left side to come back up the right side

placing my hand over her forbidden fruit

blossoming your flower and rendering the clit helpless

covering the clit with my mouth slowly
sucking on it and rolling my tongue in circles clockwise
now releasing pressure and licking down the middle

Till you beg me to stop

looking up to the headboard to see your eyes
you finally gather the strength to lift your head
making eye contact with me you whisper what I want to hear
let me fuck you now


Positivity to someone

Today marks the end of you being sad for helping others

The end of being looked down upon for caring about those you thought cared about you

The end of you doubting your reality because of narcissist that were in your life

The end of you thinking you’re a victim to a sexual incident when you’re a survivor

The end to you working and slaving for someone else when your ideas will take off

The end of feeling like you’re doing so much but getting nothing in return

The end of days laying alone wondering what you’re doing wrong in life

The end of putting so much effort into a relationship just to have the other person give up

This is the end of you allowing others to walk all over you because you don’t want to deal with what happens if you stand up for yourself

This is the end of your generational curses that have been holding on to you for years

This is the last time those negative emotions will speak to you

No more will the substances take over your life

No more will you feel the need to self please yourself because you have an itch you can’t get scratched

No more will you be looked down on when you know your worth and you are bound for greatness

No more will you allow others to push your boundaries and make you feel bad that they disrespected you and you stood up for yourself

You have shown tremendous growth in life, have been through more than others know about, or could even imagine.

Your eyes are glossed over and your face is smooth as a rose petal

Your smile shines brighter than an aurora and your essence captivates the masses more than visuals at an edm festival

Little does anyone know that behind it all, you’re torn, burnt, trying to hold it all together like connective tissue to the bone

The world sparkles because of the dimmed light within you that others see shining like a light house

While you feel it all dieing inside

But it all ends now

Now that you realize your worth

How much you would not be leaving behind, how much of the greatness in life would be fleeting if you let go

You are the reason someone wakes up happy

You are the reason someone has the will to continue on

You are the reason someone is still fighting to beat a case

You are the reason someone is alive today

You are a divine soul, entering others lives at the right time

You are divine time

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