We all are hard on ourself

We all are hard on ourselves, some more than others. I often wonder why humans are so critical about themselves but not so much about others (where the true harm comes from)

We hold ourselves to such high esteem,
Expecting perfection, it seems.
We criticize every little flaw,
And never give ourselves a break at all.

But when it comes to others, we’re kind,
We see their beauty and strengths combined.
We lift them up with words of praise,
And help them through their darkest days.

Why is it that we’re so hard on ourselves,
And give others the grace we don’t give ourselves?
Perhaps it’s because we can’t see,
The beauty that others see in you and me.

We need to learn to be kind to ourselves,
And see the good that everyone else tells.
We’re all human, with flaws and all,
We need to love ourselves, and walk proud and tall

Published by Divine Time Podcast/ Blog

A warrior of love, speaker of truth, an empath that has learned his purpose and is focusing on bringing knowledge and being the voice for others and sharing their stories as well as mine. If you feel your voice isn't heard or want to share your story email me at danli@divinetime.blog Ase. You're beautiful and loved. Don't let the evil bring you down! Poly and motivational

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