Mad respect to them

List the people you admire and look to for advice…

This is the mother of my children. As much as she suffers from depression, childhood traumas. She’s always stood by me. She’s always giving me advice. I’m glad. That in times of need I have her to be able to talk to. Our relationship is growing to the point where we can communicate about everything. And hold nothing back, for we know it is just. To see the other person, grow or learn.

My mother. I mean, there’s so much I can say about this woman from her teaching me, her upbringing me, her disciplining me. She’s been through so much in life. I would be stupid not to seek her for advice, not to pick her mind and let her river of milk flow and anoint me from head to toe. I just… I just am blessed to be able to have these beautiful, wonderful women in my life. It’s something I can not take for granted.

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A warrior of love, speaker of truth, an empath that has learned his purpose and is focusing on bringing knowledge and being the voice for others and sharing their stories as well as mine. If you feel your voice isn't heard or want to share your story email me at Ase. You're beautiful and loved. Don't let the evil bring you down! Poly and motivational

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