How to destroy a narcissist

I love this article that popped up in my notifications today. It’s almost everything that I did while I was combating the Narcissistic couple that me and my partner were dating. I didn’t even know about the term Narcissist at that time i was just big on accountability and not lieing. So when I started to notice myself treating her how she treated me (I didn’t like that feeling, i didn’t feel like myself…I felt evil) they then tried to spin it off on me like I was the bad person for telling them how I felt, expressing my concern about what they were doing, trying to have them be accountable for their actions, and defending myself and my partner (who they almost ran into serious depression).

For those in the ENM lifestyle, stay careful because there are a lot of pretenders and predators out in the world. Protect yourself and those you care about.

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A warrior of love, speaker of truth, an empath that has learned his purpose and is focusing on bringing knowledge and being the voice for others and sharing their stories as well as mine. If you feel your voice isn't heard or want to share your story email me at Ase. You're beautiful and loved. Don't let the evil bring you down! Poly and motivational

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