My short story with a Narcissistic couple

Answer to What is powerful against narcissists? by Break The Silence Against DV

I find this article very interesting because I did these things towards the Narcissist before I even knew what a Narcissist was. The couple I knew of was trying to keep me away from another couple I knew of. I was always curious to why they kept pushing and slandering this couples name. Trying to make them out to be these evil horrible people. It was after I cut the Narcissist off I foundout what really happened and why they were so stuck on making them seem bad. Turns out they tried to use this couple the way they succeeded on using me and my partner. The only issue was that the other couple shut them down and threw them out for trying to molest them. At that point the Narcissistic couple decided to go around smearing the other couples name. Me and my partner went to CID and told them what the Narcissistic couple did to us. How she raped me when she was on her period one night when I was unconscious from alcohol (I think she drugged me because anyone who knows me knows I could drink like a fish) and how her husband wouldn’t take no for an answer from my wife. Then they proceeded to start stalking my social media (which I foundout in court when they tried to put a restraining order on me, with evidence showing that they are doing everything to me that they are accusing me of doing). They tried to destroy many of my friendships by telling lies about me and my partner by projecting everything they were doing to us. Then later we found out that they tried to bate another family (coincidently a family we introduced them to at one of our home get togethers, a previous neighbor of mine). The stress and headaches that these mentally ill people have caused on many families is sad. The worst thing is they rather lie about it than have accountability. He is an officer in the military and has no moral courage, integrity, or respect for others boundaries. I think the only thing worse than one Narcissist is two. And what is worse than two is two that are married who go around preying and plotting together. I’m just glad that the judge and my attorney saw what they were doing. The judge called them out on their behavior, and honestly, their attorney didn’t even sound like he believed them how he was stuttering and how often their stories were changing, and its all documented. From their lies to avoid C.I.D, their lies on my mental health (I provided my diagnosis to the court), them lieing on my friends (my friends wrote statements proving the lies were false) the judge even called them out about how they were trying to get us to see them alone and saying she loves me etc but then tries to switch it up and make it seem like I’m harrassing them etc the next day because the Narcissist’s friends were now in the chat. It’s all been exposed now and thanks to them its on public record so when these predators don’t stop what they are doing all the stalking behavior, lies, and proof of manipulation is documented in court. We all have a voice, and yours matters. Speak up.

Let me know if you want to hear the full story of what happened.

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