Don’t ever dim your light

People will lie and come together with their energy sources (who are not aware that they’re just being used) to formulate lies to try and make you look bad. These people can’t find something wrong with you, so they will project all that they have done to you or others and say/ act like you did it to them. Once they realize that their secrets have been found out, they feel threatened because their world is at risk of taking a huge blow and their whole life as they know it is about to crumble. These types of evil people, energy Vampires, narcissist, whatever you may call them (I call them low vibrational creatures) are reluctant to seek help, have no accountability, and play victim to all the consequences that become of them due to the troubles they cause upon others. They have no fear lying on others to try and create an emotional response that will play into their evil intentions.

They have no remorse for the stress, drama, and pain that they may bring you. However, no matter how evil this world is becoming and how much you are getting attacked by these CREATURES of the low vibrational family. DO NOT DIM YOUR LIGHT! The only way that they can win is if you succumb to their demands and wishes of trying to make you seem like a bad person when all you did was speak your truth, inform them of what they were doing, and tried to get them to be accountable for their actions. Give up on that. They never will be, for they do not think they are ever wrong. When things do not go according to what they want, someone else will always be to blame. And if you know the others that they have wronged they will only have ill things to say about those people just to try and keep you thinking that they are the righteous saints that they are portraying to you.

Watch their eyes, observe their actions, listen to their words…for the more lies they spill, they can not memorize them all, and their rot filled kingdom will decay over their head with them inside. But you, yes YOU. Keep your head up, for you are doing what your heart and spirit guides you to do. Continue to shine bright and keep yourself grounded and protected! Do not ever dim your light nor give up on the world being a better place. Asé 🙏🏾

Published by Divine Time Podcast/ Blog

Sharing my mind and knowledge with the world via podcast, and written knowledge. I will have poems, short stories and of course my podcast episodes uploaded weekly. Stay tuned and enjoy the Divine Time.

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