The narcissist I once dated pt. 1

I have been portrayed as a narcissist and mentally ill by a narcissistic couple whose wife allows her husband to sexually molest women and their mother. Then tries to say it never happened when the ladies have brought it to her attention. Then she tries to silence me by talking about me in a way to defame my character and make me seem insane. I have been talking about this one incident of what her husband has done. But I can easily talk about and provide proof of the manipulation, jealousy, her raping me while she was on her period, and their narcissistic behaviors they have shown while claiming they are poly and trying to put monogamous rules on me. All while she lets her husband do whatever he wants to do. How she tried to make me take down a podcast episode because she “didn’t like the way it made her look” when she put a rule on me and my wife, told me and my wife we needed to move at their speed if this were to work, talked down to us like we were kids, and much more. Every thing with them was power moves and they just want to always be in control. From them refusing to let us take them their stuff or them coming to grab it from the house just to try and get my partners mother involved. Then to lie and say you had no idea or knew about the plans when she was the one who contacted my partners mom trying to coordinate the delivery of their items. I had completely lost who i was and my reality from being lied to so often and made to think that everything i was doing was wrong or not good enough. I was sexually violated, so was my partner and her mother. Can you imagine the emotions that flowed through me being the man of the house and feeling like you can’t protect your own family from predators like them? Then to not be able to get justice for them because they don’t want to be a victim of anyone’s. Everything in me was enraged and I felt like nothing could be done and that they won. I refused to accept that outcome, so the least I can do is tell my story. I just need to get this off my chest so I can finally let it go and move on.

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Sharing my mind and knowledge with the world via podcast, and written knowledge. I will have poems, short stories and of course my podcast episodes uploaded weekly. Stay tuned and enjoy the Divine Time.

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