I wonder?

I wonder what that girl smells like

I bet she smells like a field of flowers

The aroma from her hair placing me in a lavender field completely relaxed

Leaving me feeling vulnerable but at the same time knowing that in her arms my guard is allowed to be lowered

I wonder what she taste like

I bet she taste like chocolate covered strawberries

You know the soothing sweet taste of chocolate mixed with the slight tart of fruit that shocks your tastebuds and makes you salivate.

A mix so perfect

Drooling uncontrollably when she gets closer because you know that your favorite snack has been prepared and now being served

I wonder what she looks like

I bet she looks like sunshine

Shining so bright that everything around she has to squint to even get a glimpse of she beauty.

A true goddess whose skin is so smooth and glistens like gold, that every man is trying to enter her mine to harvest her treasures

I wonder what she thinks like
I bet she thinks like a fresh Julie mango

Keeping a rough exterior protecting her sweet fruit. Waiting for the right person to peel she skin and expose her nectarine.

To suck and slurp on her seed enjoyably because even though all the fruit has been devoured the sweetness has soaked in the seed

I just can’t get enough of her mind

Oh boi,
I wonder what she feels like

I bet that girl there feels like a calming bath after working a 14 in construction.

Like I can feel her hands relaxing every muscle in my body when she holds me

Massaging every stressor from the day away and allowing my mind to focus on the now and the now is with her

I was wondering what she was

But I now know that I know what she is

She is mine and all my wonders were my insecurities questioning if I am good enough

I wonder If I am good enough to lay in her field of flowers

Or will my taint tarnish the land and make the soil unable to produce future crops

I wonder If I am worthy to partake in the fruit of royalty

Or will my status of being a lower class keep me eating the crumbs from her feet

I wonder if I am worthy to glimpse at her glistening skin

Or will my pupils darken leaving me blind and cursed to never see again

I wonder if I am worthy to devour her fruit and be blessed with her intellect

Or will I be shoved aside like a bad apple in the bag bought at the grocery

I wonder if she will allow me to wade in her water

To be embraced by her warm arms and carry me through the currents. Or will she turn her ocean into a tsunami and reik havoc on my life

I wonder if… She puts a finger to my lips as she leans into me and says
“I wonder if I would have chose to give my all to you if I knew you were not able to handle and love all of me”

Published by Divine Time Podcast/ Blog

Sharing my mind and knowledge with the world via podcast, and written knowledge. I will have poems, short stories and of course my podcast episodes uploaded weekly. Stay tuned and enjoy the Divine Time.

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