I want to ravage you quickly as soon as we walk in the door
make you feel all of me before our clothes come off
Whisper in your ear softly how much I have been desiring you all day

Waiting for you to come home so that our bodies can play
Intertwine them in a spiritual dance showing our love
Grip the side of your head and tilt it away

Rolling my tongue along the exterior of your ear so my breath stimulates your nerves
Then pull your head back by your hair as i bite your earlobe softly
Continue to venture your body as I kiss your neck down to your collarbone

smack your ass and leave my hand print bruised onto your thigh

Till you beg me to stop

I will lick your clit up/ down/ left/ and right like it unlocks a super move

make your toes curl under the extreme pleasure you’re receiving
place your hands upon my head and grab hold for it will be a rough take off

let your legs shake and tremble as you soar higher
try to push me away while your legs lock my head in
your body knows what it wants
and I came to give it to it

Till you beg me to stop

Let your moans get louder

breathes get deeper

heart race faster

eyes roll back

pussy swell up

Till you beg me to stop

Now as I lick slower and softer to not relinquish the power hold I have on you
prying your legs open to see your face
now lapping the mess you made

I clean up nice did i not say before

licking the outside of those plump lips

tracing all the way down the left side to come back up the right side

placing my hand over her forbidden fruit

blossoming your flower and rendering the clit helpless

covering the clit with my mouth slowly
sucking on it and rolling my tongue in circles clockwise
now releasing pressure and licking down the middle

Till you beg me to stop

looking up to the headboard to see your eyes
you finally gather the strength to lift your head
making eye contact with me you whisper what I want to hear
let me fuck you now

Published by Divine Time Podcast/ Blog

Sharing my mind and knowledge with the world via podcast, and written knowledge. I will have poems, short stories and of course my podcast episodes uploaded weekly. Stay tuned and enjoy the Divine Time.

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