Letter to my unborn child

My eyes water at every thought of what was you
Just the thought sends shivers down my spine
Because you left this world too soon
Life you never did see

Oxygen you never did breathe

The thought of you shivers my spine and makes me cold

As these tears form around my eyes

I dig down deep not to cry…
Not to drop my head and let these tears rain down

I hold myself from crying twice
For your mother today would be my wife
However I became stupid instead of bold
Made too many mistakes and blew my tries
She was the perfect blend of sugar, spice, and everything nice

But I messed up so bad I didn’t even get to try twice…

By the time we learned about you we started planning for the future with you
But we didn’t plan for the tragedy to come next

A tragedy that would take you away from us
Gone before we could give you a name or learn your sex

We never got to feel you kick

We never got to hear your first words in that innocent angelic voice

I never got to teach you to fish with a line and a stick

We never got the opportunity to allow you to pick an outfit of your choice

We missed your crawl and first steps

To congratulate you for that first successful toilet pee

Or me showing you how not to miss the bowl

Teaching you all of life’s tricks
Like proper spending, investing, and banking

We wanted to be around for when you reached your peak

Those teen years of arguments, differences, and the talk of skanking

Your first girlfriend!

Or me cleaning the guns with the boy who thinks he is your boyfriend

Giving my blessings to pass you off for marriage

Or walking you down the aisle in your wedding dress putting my full confidence in the man who will change your last name

To be around to see you have a family of your own

Hear another little angelic voice call me grandpa

For me to wait for you at heavens gates knowing you lived a full happy life

But it all ended before it could begin

We never got to see…

And with “We” I mean your mother and me!

Tears fall on my pillow everytime I think of you

I would give everything up for you to be renew

This is my letter to my unborn child letting you know that daddy is always thinking about you.

Published by Divine Time Podcast/ Blog

Sharing my mind and knowledge with the world via podcast, and written knowledge. I will have poems, short stories and of course my podcast episodes uploaded weekly. Stay tuned and enjoy the Divine Time.

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