Who can you rely on?

Betrayed by someone you once held dear,Left alone with doubts and fear.Trust shattered, heart in pain,Loneliness your constant refrain. You reach out for a helping hand,But the silence is hard to withstand.Your voice echoes in the void,Leaves you feeling so annoyed. You ask for love, for comfort and care,But it seems like no one isContinue reading “Who can you rely on?”

My short story with a Narcissistic couple

Answer to What is powerful against narcissists? by Break The Silence Against DV https://narcismdisorde.quora.com/What-is-powerful-against-narcissists-3?ch=18&oid=399365575&share=2511ecf1&srid=hzXetV&target_type=answer I find this article very interesting because I did these things towards the Narcissist before I even knew what a Narcissist was. The couple I knew of was trying to keep me away from another couple I knew of. I wasContinue reading “My short story with a Narcissistic couple”