The narcissist I once dated pt. 1

I have been portrayed as a narcissist and mentally ill by a narcissistic couple whose wife allows her husband to sexually molest women and their mother. Then tries to say it never happened when the ladies have brought it to her attention. Then she tries to silence me by talking about me in a wayContinue reading “The narcissist I once dated pt. 1”

Damn, I guess I had a habit that was seen as narcissistic. When a person came to me with an issue, I wanted to free them of that issue, so I would take on that issue to solve it. I saw it as trying to make the life of someone I care for easier…but to them it was me taking their pain and making it about me. Glad one of my boundaries is ” don’t stress over things that don’t concern me”. I must say toxic people who only complain helped make my life easier.