About Divine time

About Danli Divine

Podcast host of Divine Time, writer of divine time blog


Danli is an 8 year Marine Veteran who has been through many obstacles in life and wants to share the knowledge he has with the world. An advent researcher of many topics and well versed at communication. He is a father of two and the partner of his divine goddess Jade. They live a polyamorous lifestyle and are very laid back when it comes to dating. You can hear more about that via the podcast and blog. Danli talks about an array of topics in his podcast because he knows that he is so much more than just polyamory. He enjoys bringing smiles to those around him by living his life by 3 daily rules:

  1. Bring a smile to at least one person daily
  2. Learn something new daily
  3. influence someone on a positive level daily
My Vision for the blog and podcast

My vision for this podcast and blog is to be a voice for those who need it, are too afraid to tell their stories, to provide words of healing and love to any willing to listen, and spread as much love and knowledge as I can on many different topics. While creating funny stories, telling my life via stories of hardship, betrayal, love, and showing that i am a human also who has emotions and they fluctuate also.

We also have a polyamorous telegram group for those who are not searching to date (but open to it) and want to speak with other people in the lifestyle worldwide who are not all about sex and seek to build genuine connections. Poly is many and amory is love

Get in touch

Danli is always available to collab on the podcast. Just reach out to him via any of his social media. Don’t forget to LIKE, FOLLOW, and SUBSCRIBE to the podcast. Click on any of the icons to the side to be transferred to the corresponding site.

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