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Danli Divine

  • Don’t ever dim your light

    People will lie and come together with their energy sources (who are not aware that they’re just being used) to formulate lies to try and make you look bad. These people can’t find something wrong with you, so they will project all that they have done to you or others and say/ act like youContinue…

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  • The narcissist I once dated pt. 1

    I have been portrayed as a narcissist and mentally ill by a narcissistic couple whose wife allows her husband to sexually molest women and their mother. Then tries to say it never happened when the ladies have brought it to her attention. Then she tries to silence me by talking about me in a wayContinue…

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  • Here Lies

    Here lies a man of AngerHatred towards many for things that didn’t concern him Consumed by rage from fights that lead him to a state of paranoia To where he watched his back constantly and jumped at the sound of foot steps that rapidly approached Here lies a man of SorrowWith tears in his eyesContinue…

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    I want to ravage you quickly as soon as we walk in the doormake you feel all of me before our clothes come offWhisper in your ear softly how much I have been desiring you all day Waiting for you to come home so that our bodies can playIntertwine them in a spiritual dance showingContinue…

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  • Positivity to someone

    Today marks the end of you being sad for helping others The end of being looked down upon for caring about those you thought cared about you The end of you doubting your reality because of narcissist that were in your life The end of you thinking you’re a victim to a sexual incident whenContinue…

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  • Something to think about

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  • Men have it hard

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  • The truth always comes out 😊

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  • Untitled

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  • I guess I’m what’s bad in this world

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